Bucky Catches Some Shut-Eye In Candid Black Panther Photo


Bucky Barnes may have been relegated to the sidelines for Marvel’s Black Panther – barring that teasing after-credits scene, of course – but Sebastian Stan still captured some Wakandan memories to take home.

Case in point: the actor’s latest Instagram post, which includes a rather candid shot of Bucky Barnes catching some much-needed shut-eye in the safety of Wakanda.

In the eyes of Ryan Coogler, the man formerly known as the Winter Soldier would have been little more than a distraction from T’Challa’s solo adventure, and that aforementioned credits scene effectively brought Bucky back to the fray in time for Avengers: Infinity War. We have Shuri (Letitia Wright) to thank for his recovery, one which seemingly involved creating a one-to-one digital copy of his brain in order to erase all traces of HYRDA.

It’s a tricky process by anyone’s standards, but for Sebastian Stan, his Black Panther performance was primarily spent under the covers, as the following photo reveals. It came bearing the caption: “Dreams are never free. #wakandaforever.”

Looking further afield, all eyes are now trained on Black Panther‘s performance overseas, as analysts attempt to get a better reading on the film’s final cume. Russia is a notoriously difficult market to crack – particularly for Western superhero movies – while Black Panther isn’t expected to hit China until March 6th, by which point the MCU movie will be approaching its one-month anniversary on home turf.

Overall, Black Panther has racked up $727 million worldwide, and that gross will only continue to climb as the weeks roll on. Of that grand total, $403 million was brought in domestically, which tells us that Wonder Woman‘s domestic record ($413 million) is well within reach.

Source: Instagram