Incredible Black Panther Concept Art Takes Us Closer To T’Challa’s Cutting-Edge Suit


Let it be known that T’Challa is far more than your typical Avenger.

Not only is he a bona fide king, but he’s also the sworn protector of Wakanda, a fictional utopia in which he’s revered as a god. To the rest of the world though, he’s Black Panther, an agile superhero with a thirst for justice and diplomacy. And he’s since been crowned king of the worldwide box office.

Now at $747 million and counting – $411.7 million of which was made in North America – Ryan Coogler’s standalone adventure has blown past one box office record after another, and barring some unforeseen hiccup, will likely enter that prestigious billion-dollar club before its theatrical run comes to an end.

As the celebrations continue, though, the folks over at CBM have served up another round of incredible Black Panther concept art, which draws attention to T’Challa’s super-suit and some of the early designs that ultimately remained in the Marvel vaults.

On the box office front, updated figures have revealed that Black Panther recently overtook Wonder Woman ($412 million), Iron Man 3 ($409 million), and Captain America: Civil War ($408 million) domestically, with the next target being Avengers: Age of Ultron at $458 million.

It’s now gearing up for its third weekend on the market, and though it’ll likely face some competition from Death Wish and the Jennifer Lawrence-fronted spy thriller, Red Sparrow, Black Panther is practically in a league of its own when it comes to buzz and excitement.

All of this bodes well for Avengers: Infinity War, too, which will see the MCU reach a climax of sorts on May 4th – you know, before the fourth Avengers movie tends to unfinished business (and perhaps the Soul Stone?) in 2019.

Source: CBM