Latest Black Panther Deleted Scene Calls Back To King T’Chaka’s Difficult Choice


The all-wise, all-powerful King T’Chaka is forced to make a difficult choice in this newly-unveiled deleted scene from Marvel’s Black Panther.

Brought to life by Atandwa Kani, here we see T’Chaka mourn the loss of his brother, N’Jobu, who betrayed Wakanda and its people at the behest of Ulysses Klaw, who wished to sell Vibranium to the wider world and revel in his own blood money.

Entitled “Voices from the Past,” this is a small taste of the fourth and final deleted scene to be included in Black Panther‘s home video release, given Marvel has already rolled out previews for “Okoye And W’Kabi Discuss the Future of Wakanda,” “U.N. Meet and Greet,” and “T’Challa Remembers His Father,” which had the young, untrained ruler turn to his wise old mentor, Zuri, in his most desperate hour.

Pegged for a home video release on May 15th, the Black Panther Blu-ray is teeming with extras and special features, including a director’s intro from none other than Ryan Coogler himself. He’s said to be negotiating with Marvel Studios over the possibility of helming the all-but-inevitable sequel, though it would seem Kevin Feige and Co. are prepared to wait until such time as Coogler is ready and willing to return at the helm. And you can’t exactly blame them, given how Coogler crafted a four-quadrant success back in February.

Via Marvel, here’s what to expect from the Blu-ray.

– Director’s Intro
– From Page to Screen: A Roundtable Discussion – Delve into the film’s making
– Crowning of a New King – Explore the world of “Black Panther” in all its color and complexity
– The Warriors Within – Get to know Wakanda’s women and the actors who portray them
– The Hidden Kingdom Revealed – Wakanda’s diverse people
– Wakanda Revealed: Exploring the Technology
– Deleted Scenes
– Gag Reel
– Exclusive Sneak Peek at “Ant-Man and The Wasp”
– Marvel Studios the First Ten Years: Connecting the Universe
– Director’s Commentary

Still itching for more MCU content following the grand release of Avengers: Infinity War? Look no further than the Blu-ray and DVD release of Marvel’s Black Panther, which is due to arrive on May 15th – exactly one week after its digital debut.