Black Panther Director Says Chadwick Boseman Gave Audiences An Infinite Amount Of Gifts


Ryan Coogler may only have three feature films under his belt as a director, but he’s already regarded as one of Hollywood’s most prominent young talents, and it’s incredible to think that he’s just 34 years old. After his debut Fruitvale Station received universal critical acclaim, he brought the Rocky franchise roaring back to life in Creed, before taking the reins of what turned out to be a game-changing blockbuster.

Black Panther is the twelfth highest-grossing movie ever made, the biggest earner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that isn’t an Avengers team-up, and the first superhero project to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. All that without even mentioning the huge cultural impact that T’Challa’s solo debut had on society and cinema as a whole.

However, Coogler faces the toughest task of his career to date, as he prepares to embark on the sequel without leading man Chadwick Boseman. It came as a major surprise when the start of production was only delayed by four months until July of this year, and Black Panther II is now scheduled to hit theaters in July 2022.

In a recent interview, the filmmaker once again lavished praise on his dearly departed friend and collaborator, reflecting on the gifts he gave audiences from both a personal and professional point of view.

“You know, I haven’t spoken about Chad publicly beyond writing some words. I loved him. I miss him. His talent was so potent that even though he was with us for a limited amount of time, he gave us so, so much. He gave us an infinite amount of gifts.”

Black Panther II is going to be a hugely emotional experience for the cast, crew and fans around the world when it arrives, but with Coogler and Kevin Feige acting as the driving forces behind the second Wakandan adventure, you can guarantee it’ll be a fitting monument and moving tribute to the legacy Boseman left behind.