A Number Of Black Panther Scenes Have Been Specially Formatted For IMAX


With only six weeks standing between now and release, Marvel and IMAX are preparing to roll out the red carpet for Black Panther.

On the heels of last night’s beautiful final trailer, both parties have announced that a select number of Black Panther scenes have been specifically formatted for IMAX, ensuring T’Challa enjoys a theatrical launch fit for a king – the king of Wakanda, that is.

It’s the fictional utopia in which Black Panther is set, which ought to inject some fresh energy into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it begins to reach a crescendo 10 years in the making. Not only that, but as the first mainstream black superhero movie since Blade, Ryan Coogler’s standalone pic hopes to carve out a new corner of the MCU, and it’s brought a huge cast of A-listers along for the ride.

From Chadwick Boseman to Angela Bassett and everyone in between, this is a Marvel ensemble for the ages, and following credits on Fruitvale Station and Creed – both of which featured Michael B. Jordan (Erik Killmonger) in prominent roles – we’re quietly confident that Ryan Coogler can deliver the goods.

Meanwhile, here’s the official word from IMAX, followed by a visual demonstration of Black Panther‘s expanded ratio over the bog standard:

Director Ryan Coogler designed several sequences of the movie to fill more of the screen at an expanded IMAX 1.9:1 aspect ratio, providing fans with 26% more of the image in IMAX than standard theatres.

The would-be King of Wakanda deserves the biggest screen in the land, right? Look for Marvel’s Black Panther to light up theaters next month – February 9th in the UK; February 16th for those in the States – at which point we’ll gain a better understanding of what makes T’Challa tick.