Black Panther Gets A Sweet New Logo As Marvel Rolls Out Another International Trailer


Infinity War notwithstanding, Black Panther is arguably the most-anticipated comic book movie of 2018.

Sure, film fans are already keeping one ear to the ground in anticipation of Venom, Aquaman, Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but when it comes to Black Panther, there’s really something special about Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s beloved creation.

He is, in essence, Marvel royalty – a hero with a steadfast moral code and more integrity and righteousness than the last ten Avengers combined. Barring Captain America, of course, who is almost honorable to a fault. Expect those two costumed crusaders to share the screen this May, but with Black Panther now only six weeks away, Marvel’s hard-wired marketing machine has all hands at the pump ahead of T’Challa’s arrival.

Case in point: today brings forth an all-new international trailer, while the eagle-eyed users of Reddit have also uncovered the film’s sweet new logo. It’s more of an updated version of Black Panther‘s original, regal emblem, but it’s pretty eye-catching nonetheless.

Proving that Black Panther is very much 2018’s first event movie, there’s also an update relating to the film’s official soundtrack. In fact, Kendrick Lamar is collaborating with Top Dawg Entertainment founder Anthony Tiffith to launch Black Panther: The Album, and if you’re wanting to sample the music ahead of release, here’s a link to the lead single, “All the Stars.” Pretty catchy, wouldn’t you say?

Also starring Lupita Nyong’o (The Last Jedi), Martin Freeman, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis and Michael B. Jordan as the villainous, power-mongering Erik Killmonger, Black Panther will debut in UK theaters first on February 9th, before clawing its way into US theaters on February 16th.