Hail To The King: Black Panther Blowout Features Beautiful Concept Art, Stills And Much More


You’ve heard of Marvel’s First Family (Fantastic Four), and perhaps even the Royal Family (Inhumans), but what about the Wakandan dynasty?

Once headed up by the late T’Chaka, this operatic family set-up is the foundation on which Black Panther is built, and with little over three weeks to go until its theatrical release here in the States, Marvel (via CBM) has premiered a ton of content designed to bring you closer to Wakanda, the most advanced and isolated landmass on the planet.

Embedded below, you’ll see Chadwick Boseman’s titular lead, along with the fearless Dora Milaje, a pool of immensely talented Wakandan women who are drafted in to protect their rightful king, T’Challa. But a rebellion is afoot, and it’s one that can largely be traced back to Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). He doesn’t feature in this particular gallery, but his presence can still be felt as T’Challa steps up to the plate.

Set soon after the calamitous events of Marvel’s Civil War, Black Panther is all about the personal journey that T’Challa finds himself on as he prepares to fulfill his father’s legacy. But the crown of Wakanda is a heavy burden, even for someone who has been compared to the James Bond of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And for good reason, too. Thanks to his little sister Shuri, a whizzkid smart enough to give even Tony Stark a run for his money, T’Challa will be packing serious heat come February. Case in point: Black Panther‘s newly-released clip, which features a small portion of that blistering car chase scene that was shot on location in South Korea.

It has all the makings of a thrilling set piece – albeit with added bite – and we’ll be able to see the finished product when Black Panther zips into theaters on February 16th.