Black Panther Producers Credit Kendrick Lamar For Shaping Epic Movie With His Soundtrack


Marvel’s Black Panther was a masterpiece within the realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and across the entertainment industry as a whole. The film was incredibly well-acted, beautiful in its scenery and imagery, with one of the best soundtracks we’ve ever heard.

In Tara Bennett and Paul Terry’s book, Marvel producers Nate Moore and Ryan Coogler spoke about Black Panther and how Kendrick Lamar had a significant role in what the movie became⏤perhaps without even realizing it.

Coogler said this upon finding out that Lamar made an album for Black Panther.

“Well, you know, the bad news is… I think the album might be better than the movie. Like, we got our work cut out for us.”

Of course, the movie did incredibly well, but it’s a nod to those working on set and behind the scenes that they put their best foot forward for the film and each other.

Moore addressed that Lamar finding the talent for the album and really taking on the project himself was a key component in creating the masterpiece.

“That’s how we ended up with an amazing album that Kendrick put together himself. All those guest stars? It was all Kendrick finding them. And to write songs that were specific to the movie, with only having been told about and seen very little of the movie, is pretty impressive.”

Black Panther‘s epic soundtrack is an award-winning set of songs that help tell the story of T’Challa, Erik Killmonger, Wakanda, and the seemingly endless battle of right and wrong, good and evil, and the grey area in between.

From “Black Panther” and “All The Stars” to “I Am,” “King’s Dead,” and “Pray For Me,” the songs speak to the characters so well that it seems impossible to think of the film without the soundtrack in its entirety. We’re not sure the movie would be what it is without Lamar working so hard to put it together and ensuring that it served as an ongoing Wakanda battle cry.

The songs bring a sense of urgency when needed, solace when important, and power that connects each and every scene together like the claws in T’Challa’s necklace.

You can watch Marvel’s Black Panther on Disney Plus and hear the soundtrack on major music streaming platforms.