New Black Panther Promo Kicks Off The 10 Day Countdown


The latest Marvel movie is almost upon us: Black Panther is now just ten days away from hitting cinema screens worldwide and if you’re still not in the mood (and, seriously, why aren’t you?), check out the short promo above which kicks off the countdown.

Comic book fans always look forward to whatever’s put out by the ever-reliable Marvel Studios, but Black Panther has got audiences even more excited than most releases. Ryan Coogler’s film has received rave reviews so far, with the general consensus seemingly agreeing that it’s pretty much a “masterpiece.” While some have said that the first act suffers from pacing problems, the routinely great performances from the cast, the consummate direction from Coogler and the freshness of the story ensure it remains an all-round treat.

This is good news, as a lot of people have been waiting for a movie like Black Panther for a long time. Somehow, despite being the 18th entry in the franchise, it’s the first MCU film to star a non-Caucasian lead and we’re hopeful that it’ll open the floodgates to a much more diverse Marvel universe to come.

Now, at long last, the world is just ten days away from seeing Coogler’s spinoff, and we couldn’t be more excited for it to hit theaters. If you can’t wait that long, though, we do have a few spoiler-y answers to some of the biggest questions you might want answered about the film. For instance, you can find out if any other Avengers appear in Black Pantherwhat Stan Lee’s customary cameo is and what exactly its post-credits scenes are.

Suffice it to say, there’s tons to look forward to here and there’s no doubt that Marvel’s going to find themselves with another monster hit on their hands when T’Challa claws his way into theaters on the 16th.