Four Black Panther Promos Welcome You To Wakanda


Wakanda beckons, ladies and gentlemen, and with only four weeks left until D-day, Marvel Studios has pumped out four – count ’em, four – brand new promos for Black Panther.

On the one hand, we have the “King of Avengers” video in which Chadwick Boseman’s regal hero takes the fight to Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), while “Entourage” is all about Black Panther‘s supporting players. And make no mistake, Ryan Coogler has filled out his cast with a whole host of A-listers.

From The Last Jedi‘s Lupita Nyong’o to Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright to Angela Bassett (American Horror Story), this is a Marvel ensemble for the ages, so it’s small wonder why Black Panther is tracking for a record-breaking weekend. $80 million is said to be the target for Marvel Studios, though positive buzz and general word of mouth may push that figure toward $100 million – an impressive feat in and of itself.

Circling back to today’s deluge of videos, you’ll also be able to get acquainted with the Dora Milaje, a supercharged group of female warriors sworn to protect Wakanda from adversity. They’re also loyal to the country’s king, T’Challa, who is roped into a power conflict when a militant group begins to challenge his authority – not to mention his place on the throne. Couple this with the movie’s “operatic family drama,” and it looks certain that Ryan Coogler and Co. have served up something truly different in Black Panther.

On the eve of Infinity War, Marvel has earmarked Black Panther for release on February 16th. The would-be Wakanda king will then reprise his role on May 4th (Avengers: Infinity War) before Marvel’s biggest battle reaches its climax with Avengers 4 in 2019.