Will Storm Swoop Into The MCU For A Black Panther Sequel? Ryan Coogler Weighs In


It almost goes without saying that last year’s Disney-Fox merger opened up a treasure trove of potential crossovers for the comic book movie industry, as enthused fans began drawing up their own weird and wonderful plans for X-Men Vs. Avengers, along with openings that would allow the Powers That Be to incorporate mutants into the MCU – all without the need of a messy, and potentially confusing, retcon.

Exciting though that may be, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige believes it’ll be “years” before we see the fruits of Disney’s acquisition, as the MCU has filled its slate from now until 2019 – and beyond, if one were to include Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and that other pair of Marvel movies currently penciled in for 2020.

And yet, the speculation continues unabated. Case in point: ComicBook.com recently quizzed Black Panther director Ryan Coogler about the possibility of Storm making her MCU debut in a sequel.

The superpowered couple have enjoyed a pretty memorable run in the comics, tieing the knot and even ruling over Wakanda for a brief period of time. Alas, it’s a marriage that ended in divorce, though fans are quietly rooting for Ororo Munroe and T’Challa to help usher in a new era of superhero movies where Marvel’s biggest characters inhabit the same universe.

Here’s what Ryan Coogler had to say about the mooted coming together:

To be honest with you, I don’t know enough about that acquisition to even talk about it, man. I’m like caught up there while we were trying to finish the movie. So, I think, look — if it’s something that goes through, I can’t think of better hands for those characters to be in than Kevin [Feige]’s. I’ll say that.

Our advice? Don’t get your hopes up – not yet, at least. In the words of Kevin Feige, it’ll be years before Marvel begins devoting resources to those heroes that have spent the past decade housed up at 20th Century Fox. And really, that’s okay. Because with Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War coming down the pipe, fans still have plenty of content to chew on in the meantime.