Black Panther Sports His Incredible New Costume On Empire Magazine Cover


Although almost everyone and their mother is giddy with excitement to see Avengers: Infinity War – and rightfully so – it’s important that we not forget that Marvel Studios has one more release before arriving at the next big team-up flick. We are, of course, talking about Black Panther.

True, it’s quite easy to get swept up in the hype surrounding Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ next grand adventure, but we have good reason to look forward to the King of Wakanda’s solo outing more than most other Marvel films that are coming down the pipeline over the course of the next two years.

Pegged to arrive in February of 2018 – just three short months before the premiere of Infinity War – the standalone pic is a truly star-studded affair, and it’ll be anchored by Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa, the man who would be king. Similar to the vibranium that lines Cap’s trusty shield, Boseman’s suit of armor is practically impenetrable, and we fully expect T’Challa to receive an upgrade at some point in Black Panther‘s story, given that he’s sporting a new suit on the cover of the latest issue of Empire Magazine – seen below.

This is probably our best look yet at the character’s new duds, and we’ve gotta say, they’re pretty damn awesome. The glowing purple costume is certainly a bit different from what you’d see in the source material, but it’s without a doubt eye-catching and we’re curious to learn more about it when the pic rolls into theaters early next year. Until then, however, you can fully expect to see more of the spinoff in the months to come.

After all, Black Panther has had a top-notch promotional campaign so far, and with things really starting to ramp up over the past few weeks, it seems as if the marketing blitz is truly underway now and we can’t wait to see what else Marvel’s got up their sleeve. From what they’ve shown us so far, it looks like Ryan Coogler’s upcoming entry into the MCU will end up being another home run for the studio and February 16th can’t come soon enough!