Black Suit Superman Meets Alfred In Justice League: Black Suit Edition Clip


There are many grievances that fans have with the theatrically released cut of Justice League, which arrived last November. It might sound like a bit of a superficial issue, but one that got the most criticism is the absence of Superman’s black suit. The Man of Steel’s resurrection from the dead always leads to him wearing a darker costume, so says DC lore, and as such, fans were irritated that Joss Whedon’s version of the film threw the outfit out.

As we know, original director Zack Snyder intended for the black suit to feature, but we’ve never gotten a proper look at the scenes he filmed with Henry Cavil in the costume thanks to the lack of a Snyder cut release. Thankfully, then, one fan’s now taken it upon himself to imagine what the black suit would’ve looked like in the movie.

Twitter user @CDawsonAuthor has shared an impressive scene from Justice League: Black Suit Edition (an upcoming fan edit of the film) that shows us the deleted footage in which Superman visits Alfred in the Batcave before flying off to aid the League in their battle with Steppenwolf. Except this time, he’s got the dark costume on.

As fans will know, an officially released deleted scene has revealed that Clark Kent came upon the black suit in his Fortress of Solitude. All we got in this sequence was him looking at the thing, but the implication is that, in the initial cut of the movie, he would indeed have tried it on for size. If we’ll ever get to see those sequences come to light, however, remains unclear.

While Justice League failed to deliver the black suit, at least some other DC media has. The recent Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds” saw Tyler Hoechlin play an evil doppelganger for Superman who wore the costume, while 2019’s animated movie Reign of the Supermen will also likely include the suit as it’s expected to hue fairly close to the comics. You can catch that one on digital from January 15th and on DVD/Blu-Ray from the 29th.