New Black Widow Toy May Spoil A Major MCU Connection


With less than four months to go until the release of Black Widow, images of the first merchandise for Marvel’s Phase 4 debut are starting to make their way online. And with the recent unveiling of Funko’s new wave of POP! collectibles, we receive what some fans suspect to be an early clue that the movie will incorporate one of the MCU’s biggest MacGuffins.

The Black Widow POP! line apparently includes two figurines for Natasha Romanoff, one of which sees her dressed in black and carrying a mysterious red object. And while only time will tell just what the heroine is holding, one popular theory that’s been making the rounds lately is that it’s actually a vial of those famous Pym Particles, as seen in Avengers: Endgame and the Ant-Man films.

That would certainly be one way of tying Nat’s solo adventure into the wider drama of the MCU, even if it remains unclear just how the particles could be incorporated into Cate Shortland’s upcoming thriller.

Nonetheless, the idea remains little more than speculation for the time being, and it’s perhaps worth noting that it isn’t the only theory about Nat’s red prop that’s been getting some online traction.

One alternative explanation, for example, is that it’s actually an updated version of the Super Soldier Serum, previously used by Steve Rogers. What’s interesting about this theory is how it connects to David Harbour’s character, Red Guardian, a super soldier in his own right who once served as Russia’s answer to Captain America.

So, does this mean that the serum is going to play a role in the resurgence of the Widow program? Or are fans actually on the right track with their Pym Particles idea? Either way, all will be revealed when Black Widow hits theaters on May 1st.