Marvel Might Be Delaying Black Widow Again, Could Move Into 2021


As everybody knows, the movie business is in a weird place right now as major studios can’t be sure when exactly their next tentpole releases are coming out. When the pandemic started, many of the year’s biggest films were simply pushed back towards the end of the year. As we’re heading towards that time, however, it’s under question whether it’ll actually be feasible for these movies to play in theaters by then. And one of the biggest titles this affects is Black Widow

Black Widow was supposed to drop this past May, but was shuffled back to November in April, with Marvel’s entire Phase 4 schedule being knocked back a date because of it. But with it now possible that it won’t be able to screen in cinemas by November, either, Marvel is reportedly thinking of relocating Scarlett Johansson’s first MCU solo flick back into 2021.

This bit of intel comes from Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph. In a follow-up to a conversation about Warner Bros. and Sony delaying their next big releases, Randolph claimed that Black Widow “might move” to next year, which would mean that Marvel Studios “will just shift all their release dates again.” The insider describes this as an “easy” process in terms of it not messing up their plans too much, but it would definitely be tough on the hungrily waiting fans.

Even if it arrives in November, Black Widow’s release will mark the longest gap between movies since the MCU began, as the last one was Spider-Man: Far From Home, which landed in July 2019. If the film is shifted into 2021, then it would presumably fill The Eternals’ current slot – February 12th. So, that would be coming up to a full year’s delay. It’d then have a knock-on effect for the rest of Phase 4, too, with every entry then arriving around 9-10 months later.

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