ScarJo’s Super-Spy Takes The Spotlight On New Black Widow Poster


Marvel dropped the first trailer for Black Widow this morning, finally revealing some footage of the hotly anticipated solo outing for Natasha Romanoff. Scarlett Johansson has been battling bad guys, aliens, robots and much more over the past decade, but it’s taken until now for her to get a movie named after her. At last, though, the studio seems to realize the popularity of the character, as this new poster makes clear. Without any other faces cluttering up the space, it focuses purely on the super-spy on her lonesome.

What’s more, the poster puts Black Widow’s logo front and center. Though comic book fans will be familiar with the insignia, it’s hardly been used before in the MCU. Clearly, this will change with the upcoming movie, which seems set to delve into the various looks of the heroine from across her comic book history. For one, the trailer gave us our first glimpse at Nat’s new all-white suit, which has caused a bit of a meltdown amongst the fandom.

Though this poster features ScarJo only, the trailer gave us a good feel for the supporting cast of Black Widow. In fact, it revealed that Natasha has a family of sorts back in Russia, who she’ll reconnect with in the film. This consists of Yelena Belova, a fellow Black Widow who she refers to as “sis.” There’s also Rachel Weisz, previously described as yet another graduate of the Red Room. The eccentric patriarch of the bunch, meanwhile, is David Harbour’s Alexei. He was once the superhero Red Guardian, but appears to be a little over the hill by the time Nat catches up with him.

Then there’s Taskmaster, the mysterious villain who will be on their tail. He appears to be the Winter Soldier of this movie, with his identity hidden and no doubt revealed in a big twist as the story unfolds. We’ll find out who exactly’s behind the mask when Black Widow lands in cinemas on May 1st, 2020.