Black Widow Set Photos Reveal Taskmaster As The Main Villain

Avengers: Endgame

Marvel hasn’t actually officially discussed the upcoming Black Widow movie as yet, despite already being knee-deep in production on Scarlett Johansson’s first solo venture in the MCU. So while little is confirmed about the film at present, we’ve been able to put a lot together thanks to reports and leaks from the set. In fact, these new snaps from shooting may tell us the villain Natasha Romanoff will be facing in the movie, and if we’re right, fans should be very excited.

These three set pics from filming in Europe depict some masked, armored individual driving a tank through the streets. As suggested by many online (and confirmed by our own sources), this is our first glimpse at Taskmaster in the MCU. While the comic book foe’s skull mask isn’t on show here, the more streamlined design could be a grounded take on the look. And that does appear to be a hood around his neck.

Of course, Taskmaster has previously been linked to Black Widow as the main antagonist, after fans have been waiting to see the expert combatant in the franchise for a while. In the comics, he can replicate the moves of anyone he fights with, so that should make him the perfect adversary for someone who’s used to outclassing her opponents in battle like Natasha.

As for who could be under this mask in these photos, it’s possible that David Harbour is playing the villain. There’s been a lot of speculation about the Stranger Things and Hellboy actor’s part in the film and it’s easy to imagine Harbour filling out the suit and serving as a real threat to Agent Romanoff. Then again, he’s also potentially hinted at a Fantastic Four-related role.

Either way, expect Marvel to drop some major Black Widow details at next month’s San Diego Comic-Con. Until then, though, tell us, who do you think is playing Taskmaster? As always, sound off down below.