New Black Widow Trailer Is Reportedly On The Way

Black Widow

In the original timeline, Black Widow should’ve come and gone back in May, but in the dystopian timeline we’re stuck in, Marvel were forced to pull the movie from the schedule over the COVID-19 outbreak. As it was so late in the day, the studio had already released their full marketing campaign for the film, including all the trailers. So, they’ll now have to come up with some fresh material to get viewers hyped up again for its new due date this November.

Sure enough, evidence suggests another Black Widow trailer is on the way. The British Board of Film Classification’s website tells us that the promo clocks in at 2 minutes and 38 seconds. So, expect a full-on brand-new trailer, not just a TV spot-sized ad. The BBFC doesn’t clarify when exactly the trailer will release, but it’ll definitely be soon.

It’ll be fascinating to see how much fresh footage Marvel inserts into this preview, too, seeing as they’ve previously revealed all they intended to in earlier trailers. Will this new one mostly be just a recut version of what we’ve seen already, or will they decide there’s a need to offer up some big new hook in order to get people’s excitement levels rocketing again? After all, a lot of folks are hesitant about heading back to cinemas, so Marvel may need all the help they can get.

At the same time, though, they’ve always been great at only showing us what we need to see in trailers without giving away too much. While the likes of DC and Sony have come under flak from fans for putting spoilers in marketing materials, Marvel generally pitches their films better. So, they may wish to continue that for BW. 

Whatever this new trailer consists of, hardcore fans are already pumped for Black Widow, what with it being Scarlett Johansson’s first ever solo movie in the role and also the first MCU pic for what will be a record-breaking 17 months. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.

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