Black Widow Vows To Take A Stand In New Avengers: Endgame TV Spot


Black Widow gets the spotlight in a new Avengers: Endgame TV spot, which shows Natasha Romanoff reflecting on all she’s gained and lost over the years.

“I used to have nothing,” Scarlett Johansson’s character says in the promo’s opening seconds. “And then I got this family.” That family she’s referring to got a fair bit smaller in the wake of last year’s genocidal snap, but it sounds like Nat intends to do something about it, adding that they owe it to everyone they lost to “take a stand.”

While next week’s release is expected to see the departure of some of the MCU’s biggest stars, Black Widow is already confirmed to return in her own standalone film. At the same time, it’s been heavily rumored that the heroine’s long-awaited solo debut will be a prequel, meaning that we probably shouldn’t take it as a given that Nat will live to see the end of her next flick. Mind you, the bookies are apparently giving her much better odds of surviving than her Phase 1 peers Captain America and Iron Man, both of whom have got the fans very nervous right now.

Speaking of which, the new TV spot also features a brief exchange between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. “I miss that giddy optimism,” Iron Man tells Cap, which is ironic, given how gloomy most of Endgame’s promotional footage has been so far.

In a post-snap world, there may not be a huge amount to be cheerful about, but we’ll find out how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes turn things around when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th. After that, Black Widow is set to kick off Marvel’s Phase 4 when her solo movie comes out next year.