The Blackcoat’s Daughter Trailer Is Fraught With Haunting, Moody Suspense


Horror movies get released all throughout the year. In January we got Split, today brought with it Rings (which you should probably avoid), next week we’ll get A Cure For Wellness, followed by Jordan Peele’s Get Out later this month and so on and so forth. They’re not hard to find, but only a few make a lasting impression. Whether or not The Blackcoat’s Daughter, which arrives in two weeks, scares us silly or leaves us wholly unimpressed is yet to be determined, but it did debut a promising new trailer earlier today which has us feeling hopeful.

Starring Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, Lauren Holly and James Remar, The Blackcoat’s Daughter is the directorial debut of actor-writer Osgood Perkins, a filmmaker who already had his second feature, I Am A Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, released onto Netflix last October. Needless to say, the rising talent is ready to get his not-quite-newest film out to the public. While it made its premiere back in TIFF 2015, it’s been a long, winding road towards The Blackcoat’s Daughter‘s release, but it’s finally making its way towards the finish line.

Previously titled February, it’s only fitting for The Blackcoat’s Daughter to make its long-awaited release on February 16 through DirecTV Cinema on VOD, before its limited theatrical run on March 31 through A24. While the extended shelf life might suggest failure, early reviews are largely favorable. It’s considered a chilly, squirm-inducing nightmare of a film showing exceptional promise for Perkins’ career behind the camera. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too much longer to see what all the fuss is about.

Take a look at the trailer up above and let us know if you think The Blackcoat’s Daughter will make a mark on the horror genre when it arrives later this month.