Christopher Nolan Has Cast The Lead Role For His Next Film


While Warner Bros. is remaining highly secretive about the next Christopher Nolan movie, it seems that the director’s upcoming “event film” has already enlisted at least one noteworthy cast member.

Variety reports that John David Washington has been given a lead role in the untitled feature. The son of Denzel Washington is currently fresh off a big year as the star of Spike Lee’s Oscar-winning BlacKkKlansman and acclaimed drama Monsters and Men. And while no details have been revealed yet about Washington’s role, Deadline has relayed the rumor that the film will be an “action blockbuster in the spirit of North by Northwest.”

Beyond that, two things we know about Nolan’s flick is that it will be coming out in IMAX, and that Nolan will also be producing along with his partner Emma Thomas. What’s more, it’s said that production is expected to commence later this year, which hopefully means that we can get a little more casting news in the near future. Plot-wise, there’s pretty much zilch we can tell you, but just having the Nolan name attached to this project will likely be enough to get the director’s large and passionate fanbase pumped.


The unnamed feature will be Nolan’s first since 2017’s Dunkirk, which landed the filmmaker his first Oscar nomination for Best Director, as well as beating out Saving Private Ryan as the highest-grossing World War II movie of all time.

Like The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises before it, Dunkirk came out on the third weekend of July. And since this particular slot has fared Christopher Nolan so well in the past, it seems that he’s going for it once more with this next movie, which is set for release on July 17th, 2020.

Source: Deadline