Blake Lively Could Play Carrie Bradshaw In A Sex And The City Prequel

This is exactly what we needed, another Sex and the City movie. Only this time because the film flopped at only making $280 million (no, I don’t understand it either) the studio feels the need to reinvigorate the franchise by doing a prequel. Wonderful. The film is only in discussion stages but writer-director Michael Patrick King is pretty interested with the idea.

The film would be an adaptation of Candace Bushnell’s novel The Carrie Diaries, which sees Carrie Bradshaw in the 80’s during her high school days. Naturally Sarah Jessica Parker who made the role famous in both the hit HBO show and the two movies would have to be recast as it would be a significantly younger Carrie we have seen previously.

According to reports King has shown interest in seeing Blake Lively take the role, Lively has recently proved her worth in her small role as a hooker in The Town and would certainly provide the sassy attitude of the character. However this feels nothing more than flogging a dead horse, I was never a fan of the series and the first movie was grotesque, the second film I haven’t seen sounds even worse. Its a clever proposition to replace the stars and a reinvention would bring a whole new team of fans for them, but the further away this reboot is, the better.