Is Blake Lively Pride And Prejudice And Zombies’ New Elizabeth Bennet?

Pride and Prejudice typically conjures images of stuffy ballrooms, British accents and crazy elaborate dresses. Certainly not armies of the undead ripping through flesh and bone in order to gobble down sweet, delicious brain meat, though that would make things a bit more interesting.

Pride and Prejudices and Zombies is an upcoming film based on the 2009 retelling of the original novel. It’s the traditional tale of prideful young woman falling in love with a standoffish aristocrat, only with the added threat of a zombie pandemic. Craig Gillespie is set to direct, but who will play Elizabeth Bennet, literature’s most classic heroine?

This is obviously not a Keira Knightley film, and everyone from Anne Hathaway to Scarlett Johansson has been considered for the role. However, Indie Wire reports that Gillespie has met with and offered the role to Blake Lively.

Sure, Lively is most known for a teen soap opera (Gossip Girl) but she was quite impressive in The Town, and is definitely fun to look at. One thing I really love about Lively is her husky voice, but I’m not sure if she could pull off a British accent. Can I see her in a ripped up bodice beating the crap out of zombies? Only time will tell.

Personally, I’d love to see Emma Stone in the role but that’s likely not going to happen.

Who’s your perfect Elizabeth Bennet?

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