New Trailer For Blended Brings Us On A Safari With Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore


A new trailer has been released for the movie Blended, which undoubtedly got its title from the process used to come up with the film’s premise. “People seemed to like romantic comedies starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore 15 years ago. People also seem to like African safaris. I’ve been on three this year alone! What if we blended those two things together?”

And then a studio executive shrugged his shoulders and lit his cigar with a $100 bill, which is the same thing as a green light when it comes to an Adam Sandler film.

Blended is directed by Frank Coraci, who previously directed Sandler and Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. That seems rather promising until you get further down his curriculum vitae and notice that he also directed Sandler in Click, which is so titled because that is what you would do if you ever accidentally came across that movie on cable. Click.

Just to give you a little bit of hope about the film’s quality that will later be crushed mercilessly and leave you broken and crying in the gutter, Blended will also star some actors you probably wouldn’t mind seeing in a movie. There’s Joel McHale of Community and The Soup and Terry Crews of Brooklyn Nine Nine, and let’s face it, they’re both going to go to waste here.

Look, let’s not mince words: Adam Sandler has been in some pretty abysmal movies in the last few years. Yeah, he was good in Funny People, but that was directed by Judd Apatow, who managed to even make Katherine Heigl seem moderately funny. Frank Coraci, in case you didn’t read it two paragraphs ago, directed Click.


But if you didn’t learn your lesson from Grown Ups or Jack and Jill or That’s My Boy or Grown Ups 2, then you’re probably never going to learn. Go ahead and watch the trailer for Blended below. The movie’s coming out on May 23, 2014 and unfortunately, it will probably make a lot of money.