Last Blood Graphic Novel To Become A Movie

In yet more comic-to-film news, Deadline reports that the vampire-themed graphic novel Last Blood will be receiving the sliver screen treatment, with Simon Hunter set to direct. Taking advantage of both the current vampire fad and zombie mania, Last Blood will be a thrilling survival horror set in a zombie apocalypse where the vampires are protecting the last of humanity.

The interesting story in this Keenspot graphic novel revolves around the remnants of the human race and a vampire vs. zombie set-up. The vampires are helping the humans survive against the zombies because the humans are their food supply. So the future is pretty bleak for the surviving humans, either way. I guess the question becomes, would you rather have your brains eaten by a zombie, or your blood drained by a vampire?

The project was formally announced at Comic-Con 2011, with creators Chris and Bobby Crosby acting as producers. It’s a good sign for the film, as the Crosby siblings will be closely involved in adapting the project they created in 2006 as an online comic, which Owen Gieni illustrated. Bobby Crosby wrote the script as well and two prequel novels will be published this Halloween.

Hunter’s most recent project was the low-budget sci-fi Mutant Chronicles. While Mutant Chronicles starred some well-known actors like Thomas Jane (Hung) and Ron Perlman (Season of the Witch), its highly-stylized look and bleak mood wasn’t enough to disguise a pretty vacuous film. What was so offensive about Mutant Chronicles was that it could have been awesome given the cast and storyline, which centered in a dystopian future in which an alien artifact was turning humans into murderous mutants a la Ghosts of Mars.

With Hunter sitting in the director’s chair, I’m not sure things will end well for Last Blood. We can only hope for the best.

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