Things Get A Little Bloody In New Photos From The Collected

The Collector

If there are two things that most horror fans enjoy greatly, they’re elaborate violence and horrible suffering. Thankfully, then, both of these can be expected from The Collected, the highly anticipated threequel headed our way later this year.

As fans will know, the series began with The Collector in 2009 and continued with The Collection in 2012. Penned by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan and helmed by the latter, the titles refer to the actions of a masked murderer who collects people, taking one person from every place he invades, while killing the rest.

The original followed a handyman who looks to steal a valuable ruby from his rich employers, only to find that the family’s been imprisoned in their home, which is littered with traps that stop them from leaving and will horrifically kill the unwary. The sequel, meanwhile, increased the gore and body count, while also bringing us a bit of backstory on the terrifying psychopath.

Not much is known about The Collected just yet when it comes to plot, but some new images have now surfaced from the film and you can check them out in the gallery down below.

As you can see, though they don’t reveal a whole lot, they do tease that we’re in for another bloody good time. And with both previous movies delivering on scares and thrills, there’s no reason to doubt that the next entry will disappoint.

In terms of a release date, The Collected is expected to be with us later this year, especially with promotional material now beginning to surface, but an exact day has yet to be revealed. With any luck, though, that’ll soon change and once it does, we’ll let you know.