Blue Iguana Lands Ben Schwartz


Ben Schwartz is prolific. Best known for his work as an actor, in projects such as House Of Lies, BoJack Horseman, Parks And Recreation, and Turbo, he is also a writer (Robot Chicken, The Oscars), a producer (Funny Or Die Presents…, Bronx World Travellers), and director (CollegeHumor Originals). He is also the proud owner of a Primetime Emmy Award for writing music and lyrics for the 81st Annual Academy Awards. But now, he has really hit the big time, because he’s about to star in Blue Iguana with Sam Rockwell.

Soon to be written, directed and produced by Hadi Hajaig (Cleanskin), Blue Iguana is characterized as a dark comedy thriller that’s also a love story. Plot details remain scarce, but the synopsis, as outlined on IMDB, gives some indication of what to expect.

“He’s a low level criminal with no future and just out of prison. She’s a low level lawyer never noticed by others – a lost soul without a life. Their anger and hostility makes them serious criminals. Love happens in the strangest of places.”

Blue Iguana happens in London shortly, and has Sam Rockwell locked in for the lead role – the “low level criminal with no future.” The nature of the role now associated with Ben Schwartz is not currently known, but it is probably a safe bet that he will be playing something akin to “Best Friend No 1.”

If his friendship is with Sam Rockwell, this promises some excellent comedy, as the respective style of the two actors certainly would seem to complement each other – Rockwell with his laid back, mildly irritated delivery, and Ben Schwartz with his trademark self-assured swagger.

The big question is, who will play the “low level lawyer never noticed by others?” This is the key role at this point, as the actress concerned will need to go toe-to-toe with the comedic skill of both Rockwell and Schwartz. My first choice would be Kathryn Hahn – simply because she would be able to play anger and hostility opposite Sam Rockwell with hilarious conviction. Alternatively, I think it’s about time Charlyne Yi got a shot at a lead role. Her measured delivery and deadpan comedy style would serve this role, and this cast, well. Whichever actress lands the part, we should hear the announcement soon, as cameras are set to roll on Blue Iguana in July.