Following Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen Wants Another Film For Louis C.K.

Blue Jasmine

I kinda dig Woody Allen. His films are not always perfect, but for someone who has cranked them out once a year for at least the past 25 years, you’ve got to admit that he has more hits than misses. He also gets together a fascinating cast. His latest film Blue Jasmine features Louis C.K., Sally Hawkins, Andrew Dice Clay and Cate Blanchett, among many others. What’s more, the director says he would like to work with Louis C.K. again.

In an interview with the New York Times, Allen discussed the film and Louis C.K’s talents. Here’s what he said:

 I’d love to do a movie with him and me, a comedy. I’m looking for some idea that would work, for the two of us to do.

But that’s not all! Woody Allen also teased the possibility of returning to stand-up himself, after seeing veteran comedian Mort Sahl :

Watching him, I had the same feeling now, in 2013, as I had when I saw him in 1950-something. Of, “Hey, I’d like to get back onstage and do standup again.” He inspired me then to be a standup comic, and all these years later, I thought of it again because of him. He makes that phenomenon so enticing.

In some ways, I find Allen’s potential return to stand-up more interesting than even the prospect of his reuniting with Louis C.K. Allen hasn’t been on a stand-up stage in years, but he’s still as quick and witty as ever. I’d simply like to see what he’d come up with for a stand-up tour.

The C.K. reunion could be fun too. According to Allen, Louis C.K’s part in Blue Jasmine – playing opposite Sally Hawkins – is not as comedic as people might expect. He hopes that no one will be disappointed that he didn’t use C.K’s immense comedy skills on this one as if he does get to do another film with Louis C.K., it will probably be a comedy.

You can check out a clip from Blue Jasmine below and the rest of Allen’s interview with the New York Times here.

Does the prospect of Woody Allen and Louis C.K. in a buddy movie sound like a good one to you? How about Allen’s stand-up plans?

Blue Jasmine opens July 26, 2013. Check out the new clip below.