First Look At Blumhouse Productions’ Jessabelle


As if it wasn’t bad enough that Alfred Hitchcock scared many of us out of ever taking a shower again, upcoming Blumhouse Productions film Jessabelle looks to do something similar, but this time it’s with baths.

Today, Yahoo has premiered the first look at the film and though the context of the scene is unknown, the image depicts the titular character taking a bath. Unbeknownst to her though, she’s joined by a rather unpleasant looking guest. I’m sure you can already imagine what her reaction will be once she opens her eyes.

Jessabelle stars Australian actress Sarah Snook and follows her character who, after surviving a horrific car crash, returns to her family home. While there, she discovers that there’s an evil spirit haunting the house, and it won’t let her recover in peace.

Generally, I do enjoy what Jason Blum and his powerhouse production company are doing for the horror genre. They’ve really given it the kick in the ass that it needs and lately, they’ve been behind some really great films, This one, however, sounds horribly generic and bland. Admittedly, the photo above is rather creepy, but how many of these “evil spirit haunts young woman” stories do we need? They all pretty much follow the same path and quite frankly, it’s a premise that has been done to death.

That being said, Blum has proven himself many times with horror and I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt here. Perhaps I’ll reserve my judgement until Thursday, which is when the first trailer is set to drop.

Jessabelle opens in theatres on August 29th. Make sure to take a bath before then, because who knows when you’ll feel comfortable taking one again.

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