Blumhouse’s Halloween Officially Rated R For Horror Violence And Bloody Images


Michael Myers and Laurie Strode are about to receive the homecoming they deserve.

Four decades have passed since John Carpenter’s seminal Halloween movie, and soon, it’ll be Blumhouse and David Gordon Green’s turn to welcome Strode and Myers back to the fore. The jury’s still out on whether they’ll be able to deliver the goods – CinemaCon attendees were certainly impressed with the footage shown, while June’s creepy teaser was brimming with thrills and blood-curdling horror – but at the very least, fans can rest assured that the October sequel will be rated R.

Via Bloody Disgusting, the MPAA has listed Halloween as R for “horror violence and bloody images, language, brief drug use and nudity,” which is to say that the upcoming pic is pretty faithful to Carpenter’s classic.

It’s been pitched as a direct sequel, too, albeit with a slight deviation from the original’s ending – Michael Myers was actually apprehended after that fateful night in ’87, which conveniently leaves Nick Castle’s monstrosity in prison for 40 years…

And once that time has passed, and Myers inevitably escapes from prison, Laurie Strode will be guarding Haddonfield, rifle in hand. If nothing else, it’s an exciting opportunity to see Jamie Lee Curtis back in her most famous role, albeit with a twist, as Laurie’s become a grandmother in the intervening years since her first confrontation with The Shape.

She’s matured into a bona fide warrior, too, which tees up an unmissable clash between Strode and Myers ahead of the film’s release in October. And thanks to the R-rating, we know Green and co-writer Danny McBride are about to dial things up to 11.

Featuring “fresh and inventive” music from the one and only John Carpenter, Halloween creeps into theaters in time for October 19th.

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