Boba Fett Movie Reportedly Still In The Works

Boba Fett

The Anthology experiment may have ended much quicker than anticipated after Solo bombed at the box office, but Disney and Lucasfilm aren’t above letting a good idea go to waste. Both The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi started life as feature film spinoffs before being refitted into streaming exclusives, and fans will no doubt be much happier to spend four to six hours with the beloved characters rather than just two.

The Boba Fett solo outing was first announced in early 2013, with X-Men regular Simon Kinberg signing on to tackle the script, and a story that was rumored to unfold in and around the events of George Lucas’ original trilogy. This was the project that Josh Trank was reported to be directing before the Fantastic Four debacle saw him exiled into the Hollywood wilderness, but James Mangold was a more than suitable replacement.

Indeed, the Cop Land, 3:10 to Yuma and Logan filmmaker felt like a sound choice to tackle a bounty hunting space Western, but a combination of Solo‘s poor commercial performance and superficial similarities between Boba Fett and The Mandalorian‘s Din Djarin saw it shelved altogether.

Of course, Temuera Morrison’s Boba is now a firm fixture of the Mando universe and will remain on our screens for a while yet, though all hope may not be lost for the planned movie. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Ahsoka Tano would appear in season 2 of the aforementioned Disney Plus series long before it was confirmed – the solo film for Fett is still on the table.

Further details remain unclear for now, but with the Mouse House promising at least 100 small screen new arrivals per year, it could realistically debut on their streaming platform. Then again, it might be kept for the theatrical experience and in the end, it’ll probably depend on how The Book of Boba Fett fares in terms of reviews and viewership figures when it lands in December.