Apparently The Boba Fett Movie Still Has A Chance Of Getting Made


In the non-canonical fiction of Star Wars Legends, bounty hunter Boba Fett makes a fan-pleasing escape from the sarlacc pit, cheating his slightly embarrassing death in Return of the Jedi for the sake of further adventures. And according to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, the character’s seemingly scrapped standalone movie just might have a resurrection of its own some day.

A few days ago, word was relayed from producer Kathleen Kennedy that the mercenary’s planned spinoff film was “100% dead,” but while you shouldn’t expect to see Boba make a return to cinemas anytime soon, we now have reason to believe that this ‘100%’ figure might be pushing it a little. Specifically, EW’s sources allegedly indicate that though the project is not currently in active development, there remains a possibility that things will move forward with the feature somewhere down the line.

Of course, there’s hardly a recently cancelled film that you couldn’t say more or less the same about, but it’s still worth remembering that you never really know. After all, Lucasfilm seemed perfectly ready to give this flick a chance before Solo: A Star Wars Story bombed, so perhaps the studio will reconsider their options once the franchise is in a slightly more stable place.

In the meantime, Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian looks to be the focus of the company’s attention right now, and going by the armored title character’s appearance, it’s likely that many fans will see this live-action spinoff series as a consolation prize for the lack of Boba Fett. We’ll see if Disney chose the right project to keep alive when the show launches on their streaming service some time next year.

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