Bond 25 Hired An Intimacy Coordinator For Its Love Scenes

James Bond

While other reports of the production of Bond 25 may sound tumultuous, MGM and company are at least trying keep a steady hand when it comes to handling the sex scenes in the upcoming action-adventure film. There are rumblings from the set of the still-in-the-works picture that an intimacy coordinator was hired to make sure the actors and actresses, mainly Daniel Craig and Ana De Armas, felt safe and comfortable during the filming of the requisite love making scenes.

While this story was broken from an unnamed industry source, they do provide a specific reason for the change to the series:

“Producer Barbara Broccoli and her team are going all out to bring Bond up to speed. It’s all changed in the #MeToo era and they’re going to extra lengths to make sure all the stars are getting the support they need on set, including during some of the more risqué sex scenes…It’s really progressive and is a step in the right direction – not just for Bond but the industry as a whole.”

James Bond is indeed known as a bit of a, and I quote from his direct superior, “sexist, misogynistic dinosaur.” While Craig’s Bond definitely isn’t the worst offender of treating women poorly – that is very obviously reserved for Sean Connery’s take on the character – some of his actions in both Skyfall and his last misfire Spectre left me feeling so awkward and bad for those poor ladies. He was gross and aggressive with the over-advertised Monica Bellucci, and Bond seducing the former sex slave by sneaking up on her in the shower was, and I speak for everybody on this, the absolute worst part of that film.

Maybe after so many tries, Bond 25 can break the mold and provide a fresh new, maybe final, take on the iconic character. I mean, with how messed up this production has been, I doubt it, but even the cloudiest day has a ray of sunshine, right?