Bond 25’s Title May’ve Leaked Online, And It Sounds Familiar


Bond 25 is currently in production, but we’ve yet to find out the title of Daniel Craig’s final turn as 007. There have been a couple of rumored names – namely, Shatterhand and Eclipse – but these have yet to be confirmed. A new report from a James Bond site, however, may reveal at least the working title for the movie.

MI6 (the fansite, not the British intelligence agency) has offered some fresh details gleaned from April’s Bond 25 press conference. Fans were fully expecting a title reveal on the day of April 26th, but the live stream ended up not giving us much concrete information on the film. According to M16 though, this is because producers had a crisis of faith over the title the day before, fearing that it was relatively weak and “not Bond enough.” And that title is A Reason to Die. 

If this intel’s correct, it’s interesting that the filmmakers are uncertain about it as it has a very classic Bond feel. Numerous movies over the past 50+ years have featured “die” or “kill” or “live” in their names. Maybe this trend made them worry that it sounded too generic as a title?

The site says that they don’t have any further info on whether A Reason to Die will remain attached to the movie or not, but hopefully we’ll find out one way or the other soon. After all, we could use some concrete information on the project after negative press has surrounded Bond 25 for a while now, following its various delays, the public exit of director Danny Boyle and talk of production being in disarray. Craig’s recent injury that caused shooting to halt didn’t help, either.

We did get an official set video this week though, giving us a glimpse of the shoot in Jamaica, which did a little bit to redirect the narrative, but it wasn’t quite enough. Fingers crossed though that Bond 25 hits the spot when it arrives on April 8th, 2020.

Source: MI6-HQ