An Empire Strikes Back Character May Return If Solo Gets A Sequel


Solo: A Star Wars Story has just arrived in cinemas, but there’s already talk of a sequel. It’s too early to say for sure if one will happen, as the final decision will likely be based on how well it does at the box office, but it’s known that Lucasfilm are contemplating a follow-up, with director Ron Howard saying it’s all down to the fans whether Solo 2 happens or not. If everything comes together and the prequel starring Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo does get a sequel, though, screenwriter Jon Kasdan has one character that he desperately wants to feature in the movie.

Kasdan, who wrote the script for Solo with his father Lawrence, talked with Screen Rant about the many references to Star Wars past that crop up in the pic. He said that he was adamant that these connections make their way into the film and in particular, he promised that he’ll do everything in his power to make sure that one minor character from The Empire Strikes Back – written by Lawrence, funnily enough – will return in Solo 2. Namely, reptilian bounty hunter Bossk.

“I was trying to get them in the movie, you know, very hard. And I think that if there’s ever another one of these, you’re going to have to either kill me or Bossk will be in it.”

Bossk was one of the six bounty hunters that Darth Vader sent out to hunt down the Millennium Falcon in Empire. He didn’t do an amazing job of that, truth be told, but Star Wars spinoff media has fleshed out the character quite a bit and made clear why he’s considered one of the fiercest creatures in the galaxy.

In particular, The Clone Wars TV series revealed that Bossk was one of the bounty hunters that trained Boba Fett. So, even if Solo: A Star Wars Story doesn’t get a sequel, it’s a possibility that he could return in the character’s recently announced standalone movie, instead.

Source: Screen Rant