Box Office Update: Infinity War Zooms Past $600M Domestic


In all of box office history, only a small number of films have surpassed $600 million domestically. And it seems Avengers: Infinity War is the newest addition to the club.

As of Tuesday, May 22nd, the Marvel tentpole has collected precisely $601.3M in North America, placing it between The Last Jedi and Rogue One on the all-time domestic charts. For the record, Infinity War currently sits at eighth place on the box office standings, with The Avengers ($623M) and Ryan Coogler’s wildly successful Black Panther film ($697M) being the only two MCU blockbusters it’s yet to surpass.

The Force Awakens is the reigning champ, of course, having scooped up $936M at the domestic box office three years ago. What’s particularly interesting about these figures is that, prior to 2015, only three movies earned $600M or more domestically: Titanic ($600 million in 1997/1998 and $659m counting the reissues), Avatar ($760m) and Joss Whedon’s aforementioned Avengers movie.

All in all, though, it appears Avengers: Infinity War has a smaller tail than previous box office titans, which is to say that MCU blockbuster is attracting fewer moviegoers in its closing weeks than, say, Guardians of the Galaxy or The Avengers.

For instance, Forbes has crunched the numbers to reveal that Infinity War‘s domestic total will likely tap out at around $660M domestic – just shy of Black Panther‘s $697M haul back in February. It’s still an incredible achievement, of course, particularly when you consider that this is the 19th installment in a movie franchise that has only gone from strength to strength, collecting a huge $3 billion in 2018 alone.

Up next is the minuscule Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is perhaps the perfect Marvel palate cleanser after Infinity War and its at-times relentless action.

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