Box Office Predictions For Justice League Are Looking Good


Justice League has a long road ahead of it if it’s to live up to the box office numbers posted by the DCEU films that have already made their way into the public sphere. Despite the fact that critics don’t always take too kindly to them, the franchise produces heavy hitters financially speaking and even a movie like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which failed to really put a smile on anyone’s face, took in a respectable $873 million.

Then, of course, there’s the smashing success of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman to consider. A hit with both critics and fans, that pic brought the studio home an impressive $821 million. All of this is to say that if Justice League is to be deemed a box office success, it’s going to need to make A LOT of money, but if The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez is to be believed, the tentpole will be doing just that.

According to him, the team-up flick is tracking well ahead of the official predictions being released next week. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t give any exact numbers, but we imagine this means that it’ll open in a similar range to previous DCEU efforts. For the record, Wonder Woman did $103 million domestically in its first weekend, while Batman V Superman did $166 million and Suicide Squad pulled in $133 million. Man of Steel, meanwhile, made $116 million. Exactly where the franchise’s latest entry will end up compared to those films isn’t known, but once the numbers drop next week, we should have a better idea.

Emerging from a somewhat troubled spell in production, Warner’s mega-movie is almost here now and while it admittedly faces an uphill battle if it’s to really emulate the success (at least, financially) of what’s come before, we’re inclined to give Justice League the benefit of the doubt…for now, that is.

Said to span 121 minutes in length, Zack Snyder’s DC blockbuster is set to hit theaters across the globe on November 17th. Word is Lex Luthor and Darkseid will both make appearances, while it’s understood that Commissioner Gordon has been reduced to a bit-part, with the inevitable sequel shining a bigger spotlight on the Bat’s trusted ally.