Box Office Report: Families Flock To Rio This Easter Weekend

Aren’t the holidays great? Family get togethers, food, and of course movies. Fox’s animated comedy Rio took the top spot for the second weekend in a row with $26.8 million. Not too far behind was Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family with $25.7 million. Water for Elephants, the adaptation of Sara Gruen’s bestselling novel, debuted at number three this weekend with an estimated $17.5 million. Hop and Scream 4 rounded out the top five. Overall, the box office numbers saw a 6.1 percent increase from last week.

Easter weekend proved to be friendly towards the birds rather than a big family. Rio took the number one spot for the second time in a row with $26.8 million, that’s a 32.6 percent drop from last week numbers. But despite the drop, the numbers are positive signs that the box office numbers will continue to increase. When compared to last year’s numbers, Kick-Ass debuted at the number one with a weak $19 million, followed closely by How to Train Your Dragon. In the following weekend, it was another slumping weekend with How to Train Your Dragon with an even weaker $15 million. So expect some nice numbers to appear on the box office board when Fast Five debuts in theaters this week.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family snagged with $25.7 million, averaging $11, 254 in only 2,288 theaters across the country. This is just shy of Perry’s last April flick Why Did I Get Married Too, which debuted with $29.2 million. The numbers are not too surprising for a Tyler Perry film, as fans of his work generally see his films on opening weekend.

Water for Elephants, the adaptation of Sara Gruen’s best selling-novel opened in third place with $17.5 million, averaging $6,212 in 2,288 theaters. This is a strong opening for Robert Pattinson considering it’s a leading non-vampire role. In March 2010, his romantic drama Remember Me opened at a modest $8.1 million. No doubt the older audience and Pattinson fans influenced the box office numbers for Water For Elephants.

In fourth place was Hop with $12.6 million. The animated live action hybrid literally hopped up 16.3 percent from last week when it grossed only $10 million. In four weekends Hop has grossed over $100 million. Rounding out the top five is Scream 4 with $7.1 million

Check out the top ten at the box office report below.

1. Rio $26,800,000; $81.3
2. Madea’s Big Happy Family $25,800,000; $25.8
3. Water for Elephants $17,500,000; $17.5
4. Hop $12,500,000; $100.5
5. Scream 4 $7,100,000; $31.1
6. African Cats $6,400,000; $6.4
7. Soul Surfer $5,600,000; $28.6
8. Insidious $5,380,000; $44.1
9. Hanna $5,275,000; $31.7
10. Source Code $5,060,000; $44.6

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