Brad Bird Will Not Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

The Millennium Falcon may be the fastest thing in the galaxy, but a close second is the growth rate of the list of directors that won’t be helming Star Wars: Episode VII. Ben Affleck, Quentin Tarantino, J.J. Abrams, Zack Snyder and Steven Spielberg have all said they won’t be directing the new film. Now, The Incredibles director Brad Bird can be added to that list.

Bird was a top choice for many Star Wars fans, and he certainly would’ve been a solid one, but unfortunately, the director took to his Twitter account recently to address the rumors.

Bird’s other tweets make it appear that he will be unable to do Star Wars: Episode VII due to his work on his upcoming film, 1952So that’s one more director we can now rule out.

As much potential as 1952 has (it was recently reported that George Clooney is interested), it would’ve been nice to see what Bird could’ve done with the Star Wars franchise. His animated work has been phenomenal, and his recent venture into live-action film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was a very strong debut. Although he isn’t as experienced as some of the other names being called for, he likely still would have directed a quality Star Wars film.

Now that Bird is out, the list is one name shorter, and we’re one step closer to finding out who the director will be. We recently reported that the search was down to a couple candidates, but there has still been no news as to who those candidates are.

Those fervent Bird advocates who are probably quite angry right now that he won’t be involved with Star Wars can at least take solace in the fact that Bird is in support of the film.

Are you heartbroken that Brad Bird won’t be directing Star Wars: Episode VII or are you relieved? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.