Brad Copeland To Script The Knight Rider Reboot Movie


The show which fuelled a lot of childhood daydreams, Knight Rider, is one step closer to a big screen outing. While there’s been a threat of a new take on the hit show, it looks like now there’s traction to the rumours. The Los Angeles Times reports that The Weinstein Company have brought writer Brad Copeland onto the project to pen the script.

Copeland has been attached to a number of TV shows. Scribbling episodes for the original Arrested Development run, he also worked on the US version of British comedy The Inbetweeners for MTV. His big screen outings, Wild Hogs and Yogi Bear, might not convince but his 2012 indie flick Coffee Town proves he ain’t just in it for the moola.

This rebooted version of the popular TV series will be a big budget actioner, no doubt hopping on the bandwagon made popular by fare like Fast & Furious and the upcoming Need For Speed. It’s an unusual move for The Weinstein Co., who normally proffer to smaller scale projects. Will David Hasselhoff return, you ask? Well, the actor has made it known that he supports a big screen feature, so it’s likely.

Those who grew up in the 80s will already be familiar with the series, which featured Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a man brought back from the brink of death to fight crime. He isn’t your average crimefighter. To assist on his missions, he has the use of the Knight Industries Two Thousand, aka KITT. A badass TransAm with its own personality, KITT offered the show an usual twist as Knight’s automobile sidekick.

NBC launched a series reboot back in 2008 which ran for only 17 episodes, as it failed to hook an audience. Now that The Weinstein Co. has the rights, after picking them up from series creator Glen Larson, there’s a chance that this could be the start of a whole new franchise.

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