Brad Peyton Would Direct Superman Movie


With his disaster epic San Andreas opening this weekend, director Brad Peyton is making press rounds, and during a recent conference, he revealed to Digital Spy that, like seemingly everyone else in Hollywood, he is interested in directing a superhero movie at some point. And Peyton, who was once attached to direct Lobo with his San Andreas star Dwayne Johnson, already has his eye on a certain big blue Boy Scout.

“I really, really like Superman,” Peyton said, voicing his interest in directing a stand-alone film focusing on the Man of Steel:

“Obviously, Batman is super cool, but the only problem with Batman is that Tim Burton who is probably my biggest influence as a kid made Batman and then Christopher Nolan just knocked that out of the park. Superman, I really like the juxtaposition. It’s cool that the strongest guy in the room can be the flub at work. I always find it so tragic and such a phenomenal concept that Lois Lane loves Superman, but doesn’t look at Clark Kent. I just think that is such a phenomenal aspect of a character dynamic.”

Unfortunately for Peyton, the DC Cinematic Universe take on the character already has Lois Lane (Amy Adams) aware that mild-mannered Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is actually Superman, so that unusual love triangle has been entirely excised from the new films.


Warner Bros. does reportedly want to make another solo Superman movie before 2020, and with Zack Snyder already running himself ragged on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, that gig could possibly fall to Peyton if he made enough of an impression on the studio. Of course, the director doesn’t exactly have a stunning filmography, but given that he was involved with Lobo at some point, Warner Bros. clearly believes in his ability, and San Andreas will send his profile soaring higher than ever.

What say you, fans? Could Peyton make a solid Superman movie (or at least hopefully one better than Man of Steel)?