Brad Pitt Plans To Disappear For A Bit After Big Oscar Win


There’s one question on the lips of every film enthusiast now that the dust has settled on 2020’s Oscars ceremony. Well, strictly speaking there are a lot of questions on the lips of film enthusiasts post-Oscars, but I’m only here to address one of them.

To realize this, I’m going to assume the role of a journalist asking movie star Brad Pitt a question. Brad has just won his first Academy Award for acting, picking up Best Supporting Actor for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. So, here goes. Brad, is this the time of your life right now?

“I hope not. I hope I got other shit going on. But it has been a really special, really special run. And again, it’s a community I love, and friends that I’ve made over 30 years mean a lot to me, truly. I feel a responsibility to that more than anything, more than, like, a victory lap. Right now I think it’s time to go disappear for a little while now, and get back to making things.”

Fair enough Brad. Your Once Upon a Time co-star Leonardo DiCaprio took 4 years out of the film business after picking up Best Actor for The Revenant, so you’re quite entitled to set aside some quality time to pursue whatever other interests Hollywood Stars and Celebrities have in mind. Personally, I reckon he moonlights as a rodeo clown.

Can we also have a round of applause for my brilliant portrayal of a film journalist asking Brad Pitt questions backstage at the Oscars? I thought I delivered my single line beautifully. Some talent never gets recognized by those phony award givers. Real cinephiles will remember.

Honestly, I didn’t care much for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, or for Pitt’s acting in it. But a capable actor he is. This sounds like a backhanded compliment, but I’ve never seen someone play stupid better than he does in Burn After Reading. The utter vacancy in his eyes, letting on there could not be less going on in his character’s head – it’s a brilliant performance. Enjoy your sabbatical Brad Pitt, look forward to seeing you back in the movies soon.

Source: CinemaBlend