Brad Pitt Eyeing Untitled WWII Romantic Thriller

Brad Pitt

Having recently completed David Ayer’s WWII film Fury, Brad Pitt seems keen to return to the battlefield for some more action. Deadline is reporting today that the actor has his eye on a WWII romantic thriller from Steven Knight. Unfortunately, no plot details have been released for the currently untitled project but apparently, it’s a pretty hot script and although a distributor has not been set just yet, producers already have their eye on a “big director.”

Knight first put his name on the map with a crime thriller titled Dirty Pretty Things, which earned him an Oscar nod for Best Original Screenplay. Since then, he’s penned films like Eastern Promises and Redemption, and is also directing the upcoming Locke, which stars Tom Hardy. He’s an incredibly talented screenwriter and paired with Pitt’s star power, this untitled WWII thriller could prove to be a serious awards contender.

Of course, things can still change from now until the film actually heads into production. Pitt is known for being pretty choosy with his projects and he isn’t signed on just yet. That being said, if Knight’s script is as strong as we’re being led to believe, and the producers are able to bag a big name director, then I don’t seen any reason why they won’t be able to get the mega movie star as well.

Tell us, do you want to see Brad Pitt return to war? Or would you rather him focus his efforts elsewhere?

Source: Deadline