Brad Pitt May Make Cameo In Angelina’s Wartime Love Story

I’m all about Angelina Jolie. When she picks the right projects, she can really shine (A Mighty Heart comes to mind here). So when she announced she’ll be directing a love story that takes place during the Bosnian war, I became excited about the project, and just plain hopeful she doesn’t embarrass herself (Beyond Borders and Original Sin come to mind here).

It’s rumored the film will be titled United Love Story, although that seems to be unconfirmed. And now, the internet is all aflutter with whispers that Brad Pitt may have a small cameo in the film. A Hungarian news outlet is reporting that Pitt filmed a scene last weekend for the film in a second-unit shoot. His character is reported to attempt to escape a military facility during heavy fire. Although, all the images of him on set (like the one above) show him in what only appears to be street clothes. No images have surfaced of him in makeup or costume. As of today, there’s no hint of his possible participation on his IMDb page either.  So I guess you’ll just have to keep on guessing until the film will be released.