Brad Pitt’s Fury Earns A Release Date

It looks as though Lt. Aldo Raine has been called back to duty, folks, for David Ayer’s upcoming World War II thriller Fury. The film, with Brad Pitt in the lead role, was recently picked up by Sony Pictures who will fund and foster the project for release on November 14th 2014.

Fury tells the story of a grizzled Sergeant, aptly named Wardaddy, who embarks on a renegade mission in the final days of World War II. After recruiting a ragtag crew of five soldiers and their Sherman tank, Wardaddy goes on the, er, war path and marches directly into the German Motherland to take down the Nazi threat once and for all.

While his previous World War II outing for Inglorious Basterds took place over a four year period, Fury will retain a much more focused narrative and will be set during April 1945 in the European Theatre. The film will be produced by QED international who seem keen to strengthen their relationship with Ayer. After all, the company are also collaborating with the director for Ten – his new film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which will be released in January 2014. In order to grasp the concept of Fury, however, here’s what the CEO of QED International had to say:

“Fury is not your father’s World War II movie — it digs deep into the complexities of battlefield heroism. This is the biggest acquisition in QED’s history, and we cannot wait for David to bring this amazing story to audiences worldwide.”

David Ayer is a director who has a wealth of knowledge in the thriller genre. Though the American writer-turned-filmmaker is famous for his screenplay for Training Day, he also directed last year’s excellent End of Watch, so it’ll be interesting to see the tone he creates for Fury. Visceral action and edge-of-your-seat entertainment are some of the qualities the director champions in his projects, and I’m excited to see World War II through the lens of Ayer’s camera.

Production will begin in September of this year and, at this point in time, there is no other casting news to report. Fury will parachute into theatres come November 14th 2014. From World War Z to World War II, eh? But are you excited for Brad Pitt’s new project? Let us know in the comments!