Brad Pitt’s Plan B Will Bring Supernatural Comic Wytches To The Big Screen


While it might have the bigger cultural cache, the San Diego Comic-Con isn’t the only annual con to dish out news on exciting new projects. The New York Comic-Con this past weekend has seen its fair share of big announcements. From the first footage reveal of Marvel’s upcoming animated Guardians Of The Galaxy series, to their unveiling of the new Daredevil costume – it’s been an exciting weekend for comic hounds.

Today we’ve learned that following its NYCC debut, new comic book series Wytches has also been snatched up. New Regency has acquired the title for Plan B to develop and produce into a full-length feature. The title has an air of the supernatural about it, and the synopsis doesn’t disappoint:

Wytches follows Charles Rooks, a loving father who moves his family to a neighboring town in an attempt to help their teenage daughter Sailor recover from a disturbing run-in with a bully. She remains haunted by the traumatic incident, unsure of what actually occurred in the woods and unable to escape a darkness growing around her. When Sailor begins to see familiar shadowed figures, Charles must help his daughter survive a terrifyingly real and mythic presence rooted within the woods and the surrounding local towns.

Wytches hails from two award-winners in the comic book world, writer Scott Snyder and illustrator Jock, who’ll both be on board to serve as executive producers. Prior to Wytches, the pair previously collaborated on Batman: The Black Mirror, which landed them both the Stan Lee Award for Best Series.

Clearly the duo have an excellent working rapport that’ll now extend to feature film production. It’s always an encouraging sign when the creators of a film’s source material take a direct interest in their adaptations. That in itself is a strong indicator that they’re confident in the approach Plan B intends to take for Wytches.

Source: Deadline