Bradley Cooper Shoots For Oscar Gold In First American Sniper Trailer


The very first trailer for Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper has landed today and it features Bradley Cooper taking his best shot at Oscar gold. The actor will step into the shoes of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who throughout his ten year career, racked up the most kills in Army history. Of course, this didn’t sit too well with the enemy and a bounty was soon placed on his head.

Frankly, I think this one looks pretty good. We’re not given a whole lot to go on in the trailer, but from the looks of it, Eastwood will really take us into Kyle’s head and show us the toll that his job took on him. On the other hand, Cooper looks to be delivering a gripping performance that once again shows off his impressive dramatic chops. It still may be a bit early, but at this stage, I see no reason why the film won’t be able to put up a solid fight for Oscar contention.

American Sniper opens in limited release on Christmas before going wide on January 16th. Check out the trailer above and let us know if you think this one will be picking up any awards this year.