Bradley Cooper Rides Over To Jay Roach’s Lance Armstrong Biopic


Ok, so this whole Lance Armstrong thing is getting a bit out of hand. Currently, we have three biopics about the famed cyclist in development. One is under the watchful eye of J.J. Abrams and his production company Bad Robot while the other one (which now has the title Red Blooded American) is over at Warner Bros. with Jay Roach at the helm. Then, only this Summer a third one was announced with Stephen Frears directing and Ben Foster set to star.

Here’s where it gets even more tricky. Cooper was originally meeting with Abrams, hoping to get involved in his version of the Lance Armstrong story. But now there’s been a switch and the actor has decided to partner up with Jay Roach on the Warner Bros. project.

Now, despite what the title of this article may have you thinking, Cooper is not necessarily playing Armstrong. While it is one of the roles that he is eyeing, he’s also looking at the other lead role, that of Armstrong’s teammate cyclist Tyler Hamilton. No word yet on which one he’ll choose but either way, his presence in the film will certainly be a plus and I’m excited to see him joining the project.

To be honest, all three films sound pretty appealing right now and it looks like the race to get them into theatres is heating up. Armstrong’s story is an interesting one and I’m sure at least one or two, if not all, of the films will deliver.

Tell us, do you want to see Bradley Cooper star in Red Blooded American? If so, which role should he take? Tyler Hamilton or Lance Armstrong? Let us know in the comments below.