Two Brand New Stills From Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium

As a project, I have a lot of respect for Elysium. Though the film is slated for release on August 9th in the States, the studio and director Neill Blomkamp have favoured a less-is-more style of advertising. It’s effectively garnered a sense of excitement for the film without risking overexposure and today we get a glimpse of two new stills from the film (via Judao).

Elysium will take place in the year 2159 and the story is two-fold. Humanity has been divided by social classes which leave the poor doomed on our war-torn, ravaged planet while the upper echelons of society live a luxurious life in the eponymous space craft orbiting Earth. From her ivory tower, Jodie Foster plays the villainous Secretary Rhodes looking to uphold all forms of social and xenophobic ideologies; however, ex-convict Max (Matt Damon) is dying and desperate to make his way to Elysium to save his own life, and possibly, his fellow people.

Fans of Blomkamp will take delight in the new images as the films looks to echo the gritty, sci-fi aesthetic that the South African director visualised so well with District 9 – his 2009 directorial debut. Elysium will echo the familiar have-and-have-nots story and will surely herald its own social commentary, too. Adding to the already impressive cast list is Sharlto Copley – reuniting with the director after their creative partnership on District 9 – and Alice Braga who can be seen in the above image.

Love interest? Perhaps, although at this point in time, we’ll just have to wait until the trailer hits on Tuesday to get any concrete proof. Ultimately, the film is penned for release on August 9th (Spetember 20th in the UK), and I for one can’t wait.

What do you think of Elysium? Are you excited by Neill Blomkamp’s transition to big budget films? Let us know in the comments!