Is Brave’s Brenda Chapman Involved With Star Wars: Episode VII?

When the guys over at Pixar got all pissed off at Brenda Chapman and shipped her away to LucasFilm, they probably thought she’d be making coffee for George Lucas and answering forgotten Phantom Menace complaint letters from roughly ten years ago. But now a few pieces from the whole “Brenda Chapman leaves Pixar due to creative differences” debacle have somehow slotted themselves together. In doing so, they’ve generate a new theory for us all to discuss for the next few days (until the next one comes along).

And it’s this: Brenda Chapman has reportedly hinted on her Twitter feed that’s she involved in Disney’s upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. I mean, she did take a job at LucasFilm around the time of the initial Star Wars/Disney talks, and it was presumed to be for a “super secret project.” So here’s what’s been happening on Twitter. A man named John (a mysterious, enigmatic man) tweeted Chapman and said:

I’d like you to direct it Star Wars needs a talented animation director as it always felt to me as sort of a animation

To which Chapman replied:

Thanks. We will just have to wait and see what happens

If she isn’t involved and is merely referring to the fact that Star Wars: Episode VII could be directed by just about anyone, the woman is certainly making us all look extremely stupid. I don’t need anymore help with that, thanks. Well, anyway, just so you can start putting the facts together like some obsessive detective pinning photos and Post-It notes to a board in his crummy New York apartment, here’s what Chapman had to say about leaving Pixar in the first place:

As some of you seem to already know (ah, the marvel of technology), I’ve started consulting for Lucasfilm Animation. I am not directing. This was a wonderful opportunity to work with someone whom I’ve admired from a distance in the film industry for years: Kathleen Kennedy. I was completely surprised and honored when she asked me to work with her on this particular project – which I am not at liberty to discuss. (Sorry, I know you wanna know, but I just can’t tell ya.) I feel very privileged to have this opportunity, even for a short time.

So there’s all your evidence. Do with it as you will. As for me, I’m not particular stoked about the idea of Chapman getting into bed with all my favourite Star Wars characters (especially Han… you stay away from Han). Brave – in my honest and completely right opinion – wasn’t a particularly inspired Pixar effort. Too generic. Too Disney. What? I can’t say anything bad about Disney now? What are they gonna do, buy me? Oh.

Source: /Film

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